Selected poems: Summer

Selected poems: Summer

As we move into darker days, full of damp and swirling winds I've been reflecting on poems created in the warmer months of summer. 

Throughout this year I've been steadily working on a collection of illustrated nature poetry, rooted in themes of wellbeing and mindfulness. 

This project has been generously supported by Arts Council England and the Developing Your Creative Practice grant. 

Today, I want to share with you a small handful of poetry pieces, full of the memories of sunny days, warm skin, and blooming flowers. 

Enjoy this small curation of selected poems. 



face into the light

and allow all your shadows

to fall far behind


Barefoot in the garden

I am barefoot in the garden. Willing a soul connection with you to flow up through grass blades. Freshly sliced and cut by the visiting petrol lawnmower. The suns heat already crisped and curled tips. Lightly browned and spikey in the sun. Stepping forwards, to a shaded patch where mosses mingle, staying low to the ground to keep out of trouble. Looking closely, perfectly formed miniature lilac flowers in full bloom but hiding in their tiny form. The wood pigeon sends out its dutiful call reminding us that ‘I don’t want to go        I don’t want to go’. I understand, today the garden is an oasis of cool, calm ease. Lying down I cover my eyes with my arm to avoid gumptious sun rays. Allowing a little light to come through my eyelashes emitting rainbow rays that flicker through the bright. The hedge line becomes the focus for my ears. A rustling of a lone forager turning the leaf litter. Flicking up semi-decayed, curled-up leaves of winter just gone. Seeking treats amongst the dark whilst the sun blazes on beyond.


Vows to birdsong

On this day, and dripped like ink through the others

May I vow to bathe in your rich cacophony of chitter

You chorus in all its unruly aural joy 

May it not pass in a background haze of indifference

And can it always be held in spectacle and wonder by all my future forms

Is it possible to bypass the careless haze of chores and convenience

Oh my old bones, how I tire at the thought of ever missing you

Rushing through with closed eye and ear 

We are here                here                   hear us 

We are        we are here      here                   hear us

We are here                here                   hear us 

Hear us


Coconut dusted

Spikes collecting summer rays

Until seed pods pop

Thank you for reading my curated poems from summertime. I hope they brought a sense of warmth and calm to your day.  


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