Portfolio focus: Illustrative logo design

Portfolio focus: Illustrative logo design

Are you looking for a logo designer? Someone who can make bold and eye-catching illustrative logo designs? Then read on…

A question I’m often asked is if I design logos. The answer is a big, affirmative ‘yes!’ and so I thought I’d highlight a few of my recent logo and branding projects in today's blog.

Albion: The Radical School

The project required me to create an identifiable logo that could be used to package a series of progressive curriculum materials. 

Illustrative logo design

The primary logo is full of character and features a leaping hare carrying a flag. The character is speckled giving the sense of a starry night sky - therefore this Earth born character represents both the sky and soil. 

The logo is grounded with a workmark which carries a sense of  tradition and lore. The letter ‘O’ is centrally dotted as a nod to ancient symbology, ‘The circle around the dot is the universe or world in which we live.’

I designed the logo to embody friendly and approachable mood whilst maintaining a sense of expertise and professionality.


Dill Homeware

Dill are a small homeware, lifestyle and gift shop, founded and based in the Midlands UK. Dill commissioned me as part of their rebrand to develop a new visual identity for their online store. 

Dill sell a delightful mix of goods, and have such a range of products that I designed a primary hand-drawn wordmark alongside a set of interchangeable illustrative assets. 


Perfume Making Company

I was commissioned to create an identity for Perfume Making Company, a collaborative brand of independent perfumers offering artful, imaginative and responsibly sourced fragrance blends.  

The challenge with this project was to create an approachable logo with a mood of luxury without being aloof. I created an artisanal stamp featuring a whimsical cat character with an appetite for fine floral notes. Alongside the primary logo I also created supporting illustrative motifs to be used across touchpoints. 

Joseph , Founder and Head Perfumer at Perfume Making Company says:

'Lauren exceeded our expectations at every step of the way - meeting a challenging creative brief and using insights from our frequent communications to materialise an otherwise intangible creative universe in an uncommonly considered and thoughtful way.

Professionally polished and highly delightful - Lauren's natural understanding of brands and how to breathe joyous life into them has left us excited to work with her again soon.'

At Dawn

I worked with local sea swimming community, At Dawn to develop their logo and initial swimsuit pattern design. By coming together at this early stage and designing holistically across assets we were able to create a consistent visual look in tune with their mission and brand goals. 

Like what you see?

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I offer package options for illustrative brand identity projects. 

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